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Photos From Wada Sensei
Wada Sensei
A couple of photos from 1969 of Judo practice being conducted in the old (pre-1973 fire) Gardena Dojo:

Photos from Seino Sensei

Photos from Sharp Sensei
(From right) Toshiro Daigo 6th Dan 1951 All Japan Champ; Risei Kano, President of Kodokan; Mr. Tashiro, secretary of Kodokan; Yoshizo Matsumoto, 7th Dan:

Miura, 5th Dan, throwing opponent with Hidari Ippon-seoinage in Tokyo Championship at Kodokan, Sunday, March 25, 1956 (cover photo for "Techniques of Judo")

April 11, 1954 Tokyo Championships at Kodokan; (tori) Yamanada (5 Dan); (uke) Shibayama (5 Dan)

Sharp Sensei competing in Japan in the 1950's:

A photo of the old Kodokan:

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