Thursday, January 28, 2016

JCI Shoe Drive Fundraiser 
North High is fundraising for a class trip to Japan.  (Please see enclosed flier.) JCI will be holding a Shoe Drive & a Bake Sale on Saturday, Feb 6th from 11AM-2PM.  They will be accepting New & Gently used shoes.  

If you're unable to make it on Saturday, the 6th, a representative will be there next Thursday, Feb 4th after our practice to pick up any shoes from Gardena Judo folks.  In other words, you can bring your donations next Thursday to practice & leave them in the kitchen area.  (please make sure shoes are paired by tying the laces or with rubber bands.  Thank you all for your support!

Referee HEADS UP! ConcussionTraining
All junior and senior referees are to complet the required training by January 31st. Please complete and email your certificate of completion to your registration committee at and cc:

Here is the link:
Center for Disease Control (CDC) Concussion Training (FREE online training – Approx 30 minutes)
  • 5 Parts with Q & A after each part.
  • The CDC offers concussion training and certification upon completion of the training. 
  • ALL yudanshakais, chartered dojos & clubs, teachers, coaches, and referees must complete the CDC Concussion Training online course. 
  • ALL athletes, parents, and legal guardians must be educated via the distribution and use of the CDC Concussion Fact Sheet.

Monday, January 25, 2016

"Thank you to everyone who helped at our GJC Advisor, Eiji Inouye's services this past weekend. I know the family was very touched by the amount of support and presence that we had at the service and reception. 

It warms my heart to know that we don't just profess that we are a family, but that we also show that will be there for each other as a family.  Enclosed you will find a picture that I took with Mrs. Inouye's permission of our awarding posthumously Mr. Eiji Inouye with our first Gold Medal from our GJC 65th Tournament. 

Thank you Inouye Family for sharing your husband & father with Gardena Judo Club.  He will always be Gold in our hearts.  Rest in Peace, Mr. Inouye."
- Rowena, GJC 2016 President
65th Anniversary Tournament
Pre-registration is now being accepted.  Debbie Oba will be accepting pre-reg forms from anyone in-house or from outside dojos at GJC during practices beginning Jan. 28th.  If you can't find Debbie, you can give it to Rowena or Ray Matsumoto. Please turn pre-registration soon. 

Please see website for registration packet:

* We are selling our Tournament mats.  Enclosed you will find the order form.  Please RSVP and pay soon as they will go quickly. For red or blue mats, the price is $95/mat.

Monday, Feb 1st - We will have our General Tournament Meeting.  Mickey Matsumoto Sensei has authorized the Yonen class practice to end at 7:15 so everyone (Senseis, kids, & parents) present can participate.  You are all welcome  & encouraged to attend as we will be informing you where you can help and sign up with various tasks/committees (and yes, we will be utilizing our kids to help!)​​  Shonen class, please come early to the dojo to participate too!  Shonen practice will be happening that evening at 7:45 PM.

*Scorekeeping Practice 
Scoreboard software is available for download. Please download the software to one of your home computers/laptops to practice with. We will be running mock shiais soon for practice. We will also need at least 1-2 persons per family to sign up for a shift at the scoring table. A total of 50 members are needed to run the scoring table. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

GJC Advisor Mr. Eiji's Passing
Mr. Eiji Inouye, a long standing Advisor for GJC, recently passed away.  Services will be on Saturday, Jan 23rd at 11AM at the Gardena Buddhist Church at 1517 166th St, Gardena, CA 90247.  All are encouraged to come.  Reception to follow in the social hall.

Friday's Goshinjitsu Class
Goshinjitsu class meets on Fridays at JCI.  If you are a yellow belt and above and want to enhance your judo and self-defense skills, contact Ken Teshima for details and enrollment.

Upcoming tournaments:

San Jose Buddhist Club Tournament (Feb 14th)
Please note that there pre-registration must be mailed & postmarked by 02/04/16 or online pre-registration is due 02/09/16.   Here's the link for detailed info:;  Steve Yano Sensei will be at GJC to conduct weigh ins for those who are pre-registered on Feb. 11th.

Taishi Judo Club Tournament (Feb 21st)
Pre-registration must be postmarked by Feb 1st.  We will conduct in-house weigh ins for our pre-registered competitors.  For more info:

AND our big announcement 

Gardena Judo Club's 65th Tournament (Sun, March 13th)
Location: El Camino College.  Registration information is on Nanka's website.  Here's the link to GJC's registration info:  

         * Active and in-good standing Gardena Judo Club members will not be charged a registration fee; T-shirts will not be given out for free; GJC members will need to purchase their own tournament t-shirt separately. Info regarding T-shirt will be forthcoming in a future email

          *  Please pre-register before the deadline.  It will help us all tremendously!  We will be doing in-house weigh ins on Thursday, March 10th at our dojo for the tournament. 

         * Our tournament mats are for sale!! If you missed out on our last mat sale, this is a good time to RSVP for the mats from our tournament.  We have  a lot to sell and they will go quickly. Hurry! They'll go fast!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sensei Mickey's New Year Message

"Happy New Year.  As the New Year opens it is a time for Judokas to set challenging goals.  It could be simple as learning a new left hand throw, to a difficult task of getting Sensei Ken Teshima to tap out, or winning the gold medal at an invitational tournament.  The key is to make it challenging but obtainable.  Something that you could get excited about.  The next step is to set small objectives to measure your progress.  Break down your goal to specific steps that are measureable.  Set deadlines, and as an incentive once a step is accomplished reward yourself.
Completing a goal give you a great sense of accomplishment, so let’s challenge ourselves and take action on our dreams. "

“Goals are mere dreams until put into action”

-Thank you Mickey Sensei!  Happy New Year!