About GJC

The Gardena Judo Club Inc., which was originated in 1951, is registered with the State of California as a nonprofit organization. Our purpose is to develop mental and physical character as well as to establish good relationship among its members and with the community through Judo. We operate under By Laws from which its officers are elected to administer the affairs of the Club.

The Club is affiliated with Nanka Judo Black Belt Yadanshakai, United States Judo Federation, The National Judo Black Belt Federation, and the Kodokan.

The instructors and Black Belt members are organized into a group called the Yudansha-Kai and guides the Club in matters pertaining to the instruction of Judo and administer training operation. The parents group, Fukei-Kai, takes care of the general administrative affairs of the Club. The Fukei-Kai are the Club's officers, and are elected annually by the members of the Club. Both groups meet monthly to discuss and coordinate the operations of the Club.


Judo is unique. Unlike other sports, its competition and rewards are more personal. Its team spirit is the spirit of the mind and the body working together to achieve a common goal. This essential coordination of the mind and body is a prime factor in any successful human endeavor, and achieving the desired objective is difficult. There are times when a student's improvement will be slow, and their hopes disillusioned; but, perfection requires time, and time will yield to patience and perseverance, which are important virtues of judo (respect, character and doing your best).

Head Instructor
Mickey Matsumoto, 6 Dan

Assistant Head Instructor
Low Dong, 6 Dan

Technical Advisors
Harold Sharp, 9 Dan (deceased)
Tosh Seino, 7 Dan
Hayward Nishioka 8 Dan (Distinguished Guest)

Novice Class Instructors (Yonen)
Neal Yamamoto, 1 Dan
Roy Oba 1 Dan, Craig Akioka 1 Dan, Gary Sakata 1 Dan

Yonen Class Instructors
Ray Marivani, 3 Dan

Shonen Class Instructors
Roy Nozaki, 4 Dan

Seinen Class Instructors
Tosh Seino, 7 Dan
Mickey Matsumoto, 6 Dan

Novice Class Instructors (Shonen/Seinen)
Hal Sharp, 9 Dan
Gus Hanaoka, 5 Dan
Yuki Fujita, 3 Dan
Mike Tsuge, 3 Dan
Larry Kawahara, 4 Dan

Club Coaches
Yuki Fujita, 3 Dan
Arnold Sugimoto, 3 Dan


Craig Akioka, Sam Akioka, Kimberly Balogh, Hitoshi Doi, Yuki Fujita, Ryan Fukuhara, Hiromasa Jotaki, Larry Kawahara, Reza Marivani, Mickey Matsumoto, Tom Nakamura, Eric Nishioka, Ryuichiro Oshikawa, Kurt Sakata, Tosh Seino, Michael Tsuge, Neal Yamamoto, Arnold Sugimoto, Sam Akioka, Eric Berge, Rubin Chen, MD, Dan Clarkman, Low Dong, Aaron Fukuhara, Gosato (Gus) Hanaoka, Hirofumi Kashiwai, Dr. Guy Maeda, John Matsuoka, Rory Oba, Pat Poole, Greg Sakata, Harold Sharp, Junya Takii, Jose Terrones, Stacey Matsuura, MD, Satoshi Yamamoto, Brianna Matsuura, Steve Yano

Brown Belts

Teshima, Peter Hong, Clifton Teshima, Philip Miyasatao

Sensei Sam Akioka
Dr. Tamotsu Ikeda
Mr. Eiji Inouye
Mr. Seiji Koshimizu
Dr. Tom Maeda
Mr. Ray Sugahara

Parents are members of the Dojo and should acquaint themselves with the Club's activities. We encourage parents to attend our practice sessions and learn judo and its fundamentals which our instructors stress to each child. The enthusiasm of their child and the Dojo will grow with the presence 

of parents who show interest and approval of the Club's efforts.

2019 Cabinet
President: Eric Hardie
1st Co-Vice President: Jennifer McTernan
1st Co-Vice President: Flosil Wong
2nd Vice President: Rowena Docuyanan Joo
Treasurer: Ken Teshima
Recording Secretary: Joon Hong
Corresponding Secretary: Nancy Bouza
Co-Hospitality: Naomi Osako
Co-Hospitality: Toshiko Ching
USJF Liaison: Sandy Nishihira
Tournament Director: Ray Matusmoto
Purchasing Agent: Jeannie Hardie
Auditor: Brianna Matsuura
All GJC members in good standing are eligible to vote for the Board.

Please come to the dojo early (5:45PM) to help set up mats and get good seats.  Thank you!

Summary of Officers Duties

PRESIDENT: Except when necessarily absent, the president shall supervise, direct and control the affairs of this organization. He shall act as the official spokesman for this organization and shall make the necessary committee appointments. He shall also perform such other duties as shall be required from time to time by the vote of this cabinet. Other duties of the President include presiding over Cabinet and General Meetings

1ST VICE-PRESIDENT: The duties of the 1st Vice-President shall be those usually pertaining to that office. In case of death, resignation, or the president's inability to act, he shall have the powers and perform the duties of the president. If neither the president nor the 1st vice-president is present at any meeting of this organization, the 2nd vice-president shall perform the duties of the president.

Other duties of the 1ST Vice-President include organizing the novice classes and the waiting list. Meeting with the Novice Parents to explain the operation of the club to them, collect dues, USJF registration and assist with ordering their first Judo Gi.

2ND VICE-PRESIDENT: The duties of the 2nd Vice-President shall be those pertaining to the 1st Vide-President in the event of absence. The 2nd Vice-President shall also have responsibility for maintaining and updating the records of the membership of the club. Other duties of the 2ND Vice-President include collecting dues.

RECORDING SECRETARY: The recording secretary shall keep all the records of the proceedings of this organization, have charge of records and maintain the official minutes of the meetings of the officers.

CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: The corresponding secretary shall attend to all correspondence of this organization, including written notification of meetings of officers, club tournaments, and any other activities of this organization.

TREASURER: The treasurer shall collect all monies due this organization and shall deposit and payout the same under the direction of the president and other officers. He shall make an annual report to the officers not later than the first meeting in January of the following year.

AUDITOR: The auditor, with the concurrence of the President, shall appoint two members, who shall not be members of the cabinet, whose duty it shall be to audit the reports and accounts of the treasurer each year, and who shall report their findings as soon as possible after the end of the fiscal year.

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: The tournament director shall coordinate all interclass tournaments and keep all records pertaining to any and all judo tournaments which the members of this organization participate in and shall maintain the same in good order.

USJF LAISON OFFICER: The Liaison officer shall be responsible for maintenance of all reports and information pertaining to judo activities outside the activities of this organization.

HOSPITALITY: This person shall oversee all purchases of foods for quarterly shiais. This person shall prepare and/or direct other club members in the preparation and serving of these foods after each quarterly shiai.

PURCHASING AGENT: The purchasing agent shall be in charge of all orders related to the purchase of gis, belts, jackets, bags, or any supplies necessary to sustain the activities of Gardena Judo Club.