Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sensei Mickey's New Year Message

"Happy New Year.  As the New Year opens it is a time for Judokas to set challenging goals.  It could be simple as learning a new left hand throw, to a difficult task of getting Sensei Ken Teshima to tap out, or winning the gold medal at an invitational tournament.  The key is to make it challenging but obtainable.  Something that you could get excited about.  The next step is to set small objectives to measure your progress.  Break down your goal to specific steps that are measureable.  Set deadlines, and as an incentive once a step is accomplished reward yourself.
Completing a goal give you a great sense of accomplishment, so let’s challenge ourselves and take action on our dreams. "

“Goals are mere dreams until put into action”

-Thank you Mickey Sensei!  Happy New Year!

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