Monday, January 25, 2016

65th Anniversary Tournament
Pre-registration is now being accepted.  Debbie Oba will be accepting pre-reg forms from anyone in-house or from outside dojos at GJC during practices beginning Jan. 28th.  If you can't find Debbie, you can give it to Rowena or Ray Matsumoto. Please turn pre-registration soon. 

Please see website for registration packet:

* We are selling our Tournament mats.  Enclosed you will find the order form.  Please RSVP and pay soon as they will go quickly. For red or blue mats, the price is $95/mat.

Monday, Feb 1st - We will have our General Tournament Meeting.  Mickey Matsumoto Sensei has authorized the Yonen class practice to end at 7:15 so everyone (Senseis, kids, & parents) present can participate.  You are all welcome  & encouraged to attend as we will be informing you where you can help and sign up with various tasks/committees (and yes, we will be utilizing our kids to help!)​​  Shonen class, please come early to the dojo to participate too!  Shonen practice will be happening that evening at 7:45 PM.

*Scorekeeping Practice 
Scoreboard software is available for download. Please download the software to one of your home computers/laptops to practice with. We will be running mock shiais soon for practice. We will also need at least 1-2 persons per family to sign up for a shift at the scoring table. A total of 50 members are needed to run the scoring table. 

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