Tuesday, September 29, 2015

CONGRATULATIONS!!! To all of our participants at last weekend's Novice Tournament.  
GJC was well represented and all of our competitors fought hard and with such spirit.  Thank you to our parents and coaches for their undying support.  

Junior Refs, Thursday, October 1st
Congratulations on your first tournament... the next ones will be easier, promise!  Sensei Dan will be here for a post-tournament clinic and to give feedback.  Please bring your referee uniform to practice so we can take a picture.  

Capital Open Judo Tournament
Sunday, October 4th, Sacramento, Ca 
Celebrate Sacramento Judo's 80th anniversary!  

Nanka Team Tournament, Sunday, October 11th
Gather your friends and make a team to compete against other dojos!  Your teams average weight will determine which category you enter.  CLICK HERE for more info.  GJC will pay the reg fee.  

Please remember to keep selling your program ads!  We have already received a few submissions... Thank you all for your hard work.

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