Wednesday, March 5, 2014

USJA Channel on YouTube features Hal Sharp

Sensei Sharp is in the process of writing a Judo instruction manual for juniors with Eric Nishioka as the art director. It will represent the" Road to Black belt". He found that many areas essential for judo are very difficult to describe in writing. Therefore, he has created 31 YouTube videos, most of which deal with the essentials of judo. Attached is a list of the YouTube videos with a brief description. Click here to access the USJA channel on YouTube. Starting with "Asahi's Tokuiwaza" the videos cover instructional material. When the book is published you will have a better appreciation for these videos. As an historical note, the first book written by Kodokan in 1910, stated that the different tricks or techniques will not work unless you understand the elements for victory, i.e. breaking the opponents balance, being in a good position and throwing with good form in one continuous movement. Much of these YouTube videos are based on these concepts.

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