Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Junior Ref Program, Thursday, August 27th
We will be continuing with Sensei Dan this week.  IF you are able and interested in refereeing at the novice tournament on 9/27 speak with Sensei Yuki.  Please make sure you have grey pants, black socks and a white polo shirt ready for tournament day. 

In-House 3rd Quarter Shiai, Monday, September 14th
This will be a busy day and we would like to start on time.  If you're able, please arrive early to help set up the mats and chairs.  ADULTS, if you would like to participate, please arrive no later than 7:15pm

Picture Day, Monday, September 21st 
We will be taking both yonen and shonen/seinen group pictures this day.  Packages including 1 individual picture and 1 group picture start at $3.50.  If you plan on take family or buddy pictures please plan on paying that day.  Everyone else will be invoiced for their orders.

Upcoming Tournaments

Nanka Fall Jr/Sr Tournament (Westminster HS)
Sunday, September 13th
Support our local yudanshakai and get more tournament experience!  GJC will reimburse our competitors (who are caught up on dues) $30 for the early registration fee.  Postmark your registration forms by Saturday, Sept. 5th for the early-bird prices.   Click here for reg forms

West Covina Novice Tournament
Sunday, September 27th
This is a great learning opportunity and tournament for all new competitors.  This tournament is limited to white-green belts ONLY.  We will send updated tournament info as we receive it

Old News/Reminders

Nikkei Games Competitors
You are all (assuming your dues are current) eligible to be reimbursed for their registration fee by the GJC development fund.  If you haven't already, please contact Sensei Brianna with the name of the competitor, and who the check should be payable to.

USJF Membership 
This is an annual membership, and everyone who steps on the mat needs one. Please check your cards and make sure you are current.  If you need to renew, please see Linda Terao during the first class.  New policy, USJF will reject and charge a $5 fee for any application that is incomplete, illegible or torn.

Dues are DUE!   We accept check (made out to Gardena Judo Club) or cash.  Please submit payment to either Rowena, Sensei Ray or Sensei Brianna. 

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