Sunday, January 11, 2015


Starting last year, the GJC board has worked hard to get organized and update many of our processes and procedures.  Thank you to everyone for their hard work!  Please see the below messages...

** Registration forms:  Our registration forms serve as both a liability waiver and a way to document your most up-to-date contact information.  Starting Monday 1/12/15, everyone on the mat needs a complete a new registration form.  

** Photo Waiver: Occasionally, group photos of Gardena Judo Club members are submitted to the local newspaper (Gardena Valley News) or in advertisements for the JCI.  Additionally, with our 65th anniversary tournament around the corner, some of the group pictures and snap shots may be used for promotional materials.  This photo waiver is both acknowledging this fact and gives GJC the permission to utilize these pictures.  Parents, please note that if you do no grant permission to GJC, it is your responsibility to remove your child from group pictures. 

** Disenrollment: In the past there has been some confusion about students "taking a break", taking a leave of absence and/or disenrolling from GJC.  Students who do not inform us of their desire to take a leave of absence or disenroll are billed their normal dues. 

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